Ipswich-city.com Started out back in 1999 by the current webmaster as a photo gallery to showcase photos i took of ipswich, The original site contained about 10 photos on 1 page Then grew to 3 pages of photos.

On the 22-dec-2000 the web site moved to the domain ipswich-city.com About the Same time the site got a overhaul along with features such as a web cam and weather station, Not Long after that a weather section was added.

In 2001 a Events photo's area was started with photos from the ipswich festival.

About 2002 the web site offered free email service for local people.

In 2003 the site got a total overhaul with business directory, forum and new web cam for camera1, about the same time john installed camera 2 at eastern heights overlooking brothers leagues club.

2004 brings a whole new look to the site, The events calendar was added to the site by request from visitors, A Lightning tracker was installed for tracking storms during summer,

Website Stats:
Data From: 19/09/2003 - 4/07/2005
Total Hits 5,128,807
Average Hits per Day 7,830
Peak Hits per Day 130,925
Average Bandwidth per Day 108.08 MB
Peak Bandwidth per Day 1.4GB
Total Bandwidth 72.49GB

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